Ryan Roling -  Guitar and Vocals

Tommy Patterson - Bass and Vocals

Guitarist - Ryan Roling is no stranger to the stage.  He has been in several successful bands over the years, playing almost all genres of music. Ryan brings on stage, a great deal of energy and passion, putting a lot of blood,sweat and tears (okay, mostly sweat) to every performance.   His passion for music and obsession with the guitar is apparent when he is learning new material as he recreates not only the music, but the tones of the guitars used on the song.  Ryan is always making sure he is playing the right guitar for the song and constantly trying out new gear to capture "that sound" from the original recordings. 

Ryan enjoys singing and loves songs that have lots of vocal harmonies.  His voice really compliments the others and adds a lot to the band. 

Ryan's first gigging band was a classic rock band and he is very excited to return to his roots with NEW TRICK!.

Daren Barker  -  Lead Vocals and Guitar

We welcome Daren BACK to NEW TRICK!  Daren left us for a few months while pursuing some recording opportunities.  Daren joined us in 2015 and became the voice of New Trick. 

He brings the same vocal talent and guitar licks that made him a crowd favorite at every venue.  It's with pleasure we welcome him back...recharged, rested and ready for more Classic Rock !

Tom is the most "seasoned" member of NEW TRICK. He has played everything from bluegrass to R&B. Tom has played in a number of groups, toured professionally and has had the opportunity to open up for a variety of big name acts.

His focus is making the band sound good and watching the crowd enjoy it.  While his favorite music is classic rock from the Seventies and Eighties era, he loves all classic rock while enjoying a very eclectic taste in music. He says it has made him a more "well rounded" player.

Tom is a people person and enjoys meeting and talking with old friends and new fans wherever he plays.  When asked why he has played music so long he says: "It's an addiction! I certainly haven't gotten rich at it!"  He adds "I'm certainly not the best bass player by any means, but I'll never give up trying to be."

We are.... NEW TRICK!

Frank Mason  - Drums and percussion

Born west of Chicago and having grown up in Dubuque Iowa, Frank is the founder and manager of NEW TRICK.  He started general noise-making behind a drum at the age of 8, moving to full drum set by age 10, driving his parents marginally insane.

Early on (while he still had hair...we won't discuss the mullet!), he began playing in local bands in Dubuque, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  His formal music education over the years was a blend of many genres.  While at the University of Iowa, he was a member of the Hawkeye Marching Band but never ventured far from his rock band roots. He played for The Touch, a premier Iowa City new wave rock band before "retiring" from professional music in 1985.

In the years following, he took time to engage in other lifelong interests that included racing, photography and coaching high school and college baseball. In 2009 the desire to perform professionally again prompted him to seek out other musicians and form what would become NEW TRICK. Hard working, animated and always in motion, his enthusiasm and experience is evident in every performance.